Khalid Aziz is a former civil service officer, having more than 30 years experience with an outstanding service record in various jobs under the federal and provincial governments. He headed the NWFP Planning, Environment & Development Department for six years and played a major role in transforming NWFP. He also headed the province as its Chief Secretary. After government service he started his own development consultancy firm in 2003. He writes extensively on the region.

  • Headed for over 6 years a multi-disciplinary and multi sectoral planning team composed  of more than100 officers for implementing a transformation strategy for NWFP and tribal areas of Pakistan, (1990-96)

  • Formulated for implementation the Social Action Programme to improve basic education, health, drinking water & sanitation indicators for NWFP / tribal areas, (1992-96)

  • Formulated and executed poppy – substitution projects on regional basis in NWFP and tribal areas, (1992-94)

  • Led the team in formulating and implementing Sustainable Development Policies for NWFP, (1994-96)

  • Led reform team to re-structure budget by leveraging user charges and creating autonomous cost centers in tertiary hospitals, (1995)